Sovereign Remedy


Sovereign Remedy cover

Elixir's second album as it was meant to be. With all the tracks, the original mix, and new artwork.
Originally released on the TPL label in 2004, this album was re-released by Majestic Rock in August 2006. Back On Black released a double album vinyl edition, in gatefold sleeve with lyrics, in November 2020.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Metal Trance 2. Visions of Darkness 3. Light In your Heart 4. She's Got It
5. Sovereign Remedy 6. Llagaeran 7. Last Rays of the Sun 8. Shadows of the Night
9. Louise 10. Legion of the Eagle 11. Edge of Eternity 12. Lost In A Dream
13. (When We're) All Together Again 14. Metal Trance (Reprise)