March - Elixir sign a deal with the Majestic Rock label.

June - 'Mindcreeper', Elixir's new album released.

21st & 22nd July - Elixir's first shows in the USA, appearing at the True Metal America Festival with Halloween and Attacker.

August - Majestic Rock re-release 'The Son of Odin', 'Sovereign Remedy '& 'The Idol'.

9th August - Elixir play the MFN Club in Derby.

30th September - The band return to play The Rosetta, Belfast.

14th October - The first British Steel Festival held at The Pitz, Milton Keynes. Organised by Phil, as a dedicated NWOBHM festival, the first edition had Elixir joined on stage by Demon, The Handsome Beasts, Hammerhead & Overdrive.

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