Led Into Temptation Review

Here's an extract of a review by Kit Ekman for True Metal Lives, May 2017.

"After a few spins, I’m pleased to report that Led into Temptation is a very enjoyable release, indeed.  It’s definitely true to Taylor and Denton’s NWOBHM roots, but it also moves toward more contemporary metal realms, on the one hand, and more in the classic rock direction, in the other.  What I mean by that is that Midnight Messiah aren’t afraid to put some variety into this record.  Songs like “The Merry Widow” (whose origins pre-date Elixir, if my information is correct) and bonus track “Right Place Wrong Time” both channel Thin Lizzy beautifully.  Then there’s stuff like the high-octane opener “Second Coming” and the super-catchy “Go to the Light,” which capture the true NWOBHM spirit and will have you singing around the house for days.  Denton (who is credited with most guitars, plus bass and the occasional keyboard) has a knack for strong riffs and melodies, and Taylor has that kind of ageless Biff Byford / Tony Martin voice: a little road-weary, perhaps, yet still rugged and laden with distinctly British character.  Two songs, in particular, are worthy of emphasis.  Proper album closer “While Heaven Bleeds,” is a six and a half minute tour de force with a towering, foreboding Iommi-esque riff, a lumbering tempo, and an emotional vocal performance from Taylor.  The song suddenly takes off at the four and a half minute mark with a gold-plated riff, a somewhat faster tempo, and the most gripping vocal on the album.  Stirring stuff.  Then there’s “The Sinner Must Die,” sporting a tough-as-nails riff, a devil-may-care attitude, and a relentless, hard-driving beat, interspersed with a beautiful guitar harmony in the chorus section and even a glorious Maiden-type bridge.  The whole album’s worthy, but “While Heaven Bleeds” and “The Sinner Must Die” earn top marks for sure."

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