March 6th - Elixir's 6th studio album 'Voyage Of The Eagle' is released on CD by the band's new label Dissonance Productions. The vinyl label of Dissonance Productions, Back On Black, release the album on stunning blue 12" vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

March 7th - Elixir play their first show since 2012, appearing at Burr Fest in London. The festival raises money for MS sufferers in memory of late Iron Maiden and Elixir drummer, Clive Burr. The show is also the farewell appearance of founding member and bass player Kevin Dobbs.

September 13th - Elixir announce the permanent replacement of Kevin Dobbs. Ex-Solsikk bassist Mark Mulcaster joins the band.

In late December, Elixir's "Voyage Of The Eagle" is named as the best Metal album of 2020 by Chris Chantler in the Metal Hammer writers' poll.



Paul, Phil, Norman and Nigel begin working on new material before recording songs for a new Elixir album, 'Voyage Of The Eagle'. Luke Fabian is brought in to record the bass parts for the new album.

In November, Metal Hammer website names Elixir's 'The Son Of Odin' album as one of the "25 Greatest Power Metal Albums".



23rd August - Alex makes his first public appearance with Midnight Messiah at The Power & Glory Festival, Hatfield, UK.

30th August - Midnight Messiah play a storming headline set at The Unicorn, Camden, London, joined by The Deep and Silent Divide

18th October - Midnight Messiah play at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Amsterdam, Holland, alongside Grim Reaper & others.

13th November - Midnight Messiah open Hard Rock Hell Festival, UK.

Hard Rock Hell 8 poster



12th January - Midnight Messiah begin recording their debut album at The Lodge studios, England.

5th April - Midnight Messiah's debut album, entitled 'The Root of All Evil' is released on the CTR label.

19th April - Midnight Messiah play their first public performance - a warm-up show at Cart & Horses, Stratford, East London

27th April - Midnight Messiah's first official show at De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, Belgium

8th June - Midnight Messiah guest with Grim Reaper and US band Widow in London

28th June - Midnight messiah join NWOBHM band Soldier as special guests at The King Billy, Northampton

20th July - Midnight Messiah play Harley Rocks Event in an aircraft hangar!

27th July - Paul & Phil return to play Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany with Midnight Messiah

5th October - Midnight Messiah appear at Metal Wave UK with Praying Mantis, Dennis Stratton, Cloven Hoof, Chariot and others

16th December - Alex Machell is announced as new bass player for Midnight Messiah



31st March - Elixir appear at the 6th British Steel Festival, in Camden, London

13th June - Elixir announce the end of their second period of activity

August 23rd - Paul and Phil announce the name of their new band - Midnight Messiah



28th January - Elixir appear at the Metal Merchants Festival, Oslo, Norway

5th February - The band return to Spain to play the Black Death In Madrid Festival

17th March - Elixir play at Hammerfest III, North Wales

2nd April - Another appearance at British Steel Festival V in London

9th April - Elixir perform a 25th Anniversary show of 'The Son of Odin' in Sofia, Bulgaria

30th June - Elixir release the 25th Anniversary Edition of 'The Son of Odin' on the CTR label in CD format

10th Decemeber - Elixir headline at the Purple Turtle, London with special guests Agincourt. The show is recorded for the "Live In London" download



January - Elixir begin recording for their 'All Hallows Eve' album.

April - 'The Son of Odin' is selected for "Classic Album of the Month" in Sweden Rock Magazine.

31st October - Elixir release their fifth studio album 'All Hallows Eve'

6th November - The band return to Italy to play a headline show at Ascoli Picerno

7th November - Elixir appear the the British Steel Festival, in Bologna, Italy

4th December - The band play at Hard Rock Hell IV



4th April - The fourth British Steel Festival is again held at The Underworld, Camden, London. This time Elixir are joined on the bill by Cloven Hoof, Pagan Altar, Bitches Sin and Celtic Legacy

14th November - Elixir appear at the Metalcova Festival in Barcelona, Spain

5th December - First appearance at Hard Rock Hell



23rd February - Elixir appear at the Play It Loud Festival in Italy

26th April - The third edition of The British Steel Festival is held at The Underworld, Camden, London. Elixir are joined on the bill by Witchfynde, Praying Mantis, Lyadrive & Redline.

14th November - Elixir appear at Clive Aid - The Last Weekend. A Clive Aid charity event to celebrate the last ever weekend of live music at the famous Ruskin Arms pub, Elixir are joined on the bill by Cloven Hoof, Hammerhead and Tokyo Blade among others.

30th November - Elixir make a triumphant return to Athens, Greece, to perform a special 'Son of Odin' show



9th February - Elixir kick off the year by returning to their old home, The Royal Standard in Walthamstow, to play at Clive Aid, celebrating Clive Burr's 50th birthday. Elixir are joined onstage by Paul Di'Anno for a rendition of the old Iron Maiden number "Running Free".

28th April - The second edition of The British Steel Festival, at The Pitz, Milton Keynes. This time Elixir are joined on the bill by Cloven Hoof, Jaguar, Tygers of Pan Tang and Chariot.

20th October - Elixir's final performance of the year sees them joined by their friends Cloven Hoof at The Purple Turtle, Camden, London



March - Elixir sign a deal with the Majestic Rock label.

June - 'Mindcreeper', Elixir's new album released.

21st & 22nd July - Elixir's first shows in the USA, appearing at the True Metal America Festival with Halloween and Attacker.

August - Majestic Rock re-release 'The Son of Odin', 'Sovereign Remedy '& 'The Idol'.

9th August - Elixir play the MFN Club in Derby.

30th September - The band return to play The Rosetta, Belfast.

14th October - The first British Steel Festival held at The Pitz, Milton Keynes. Organised by Phil, as a dedicated NWOBHM festival, the first edition had Elixir joined on stage by Demon, The Handsome Beasts, Hammerhead & Overdrive.



Paul and Phil travelled to Poland for a few days on 27th April to meet their new manager Bart Gabriel and to guest on Crystal Viper's cover version of the Elixir song "Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)", and on the cover version of the Cirith Ungol song "Chaos Rising".

The band spend most of the year working on their new studio album, 'Mindcreeper'.

November - 'The Son of Odin' voted one of the "Top 20 Power Metal Albums of All Time" in issue 137 of Terrorizer Magazine (UK).

November 19th - The band take time out from recording to appear at the Motala Metal Festival in Sweden.



April 10th- Elixir make their first appearance in Germany at the Keep It True Festival.
May - Cult Metal Classics release "The Idol" on 12-inch vinyl.
July 10th - Elixir play the Headbanger's Open Air Festival in Germany.
October 30th - Elixir's first appearance in Holland at the Heavy Metal Maniac's Festival.



October 31st - Halloween, now signed with Cold Town Records, the band release "The Idol", an awesome collection of metal, described by Terrorizer Magazine as "the best British metal album of 2003."



Elixir headline the Heavy Metal Assault Festival in Athens, Greece.



At Norman’s 40th birthday party, Norman, Paul, Phil, Kev and Nigel  take to the stage to play "Treachery (Ride like the Wind)".
The band have so much fun that they decide to record the third album.
The band are offered a contract by Cult Metal Classics label to re-release ‘The Son of Odin’ in C.D. format with bonus tracks.



Sonic releases the second album and names it "Lethal Potion".

The band puts touring and live appearances on hold, but their reputation grows and grows, with their albums becoming sought after amongst collectors.



Finally, the band find a permanent replacement on the drum stool.  Stevie Hughes, an old friend of Norman’s, comes over from Ireland and joins the band.
The band tour throughout the UK, playing the material recorded for the second album.
In autumn, with his first son on the way, Phil quits the band.



With the chance to record a second album at Nova Studios at Marble Arch, London, the band invite Clive Burr (formerly of Iron Maiden) to provide the drums.
On 27th December, the band with Clive play at The Royal Standard, Walthamstow.



Friday 13th February, after a disastrous day and gig in Bournemouth, Kev quits the band, shortly followed by Nigel.
The band recruits Mark White on bass but struggle to find a permanent drummer.  The band continues to write material.



In January, the band travel to The Lodge Studios at Clare, Suffolk to record their debut album The Son of Odin.
In February, the band are invited to the BBC studios to record a four song session for The Friday Rock Show hosted by Tommy Vance.
In June the debut album is released and sells well.
In September, the band shoot promotional videos  featuring "The Son of Odin" and "Pandora’s Box" for the "Power Cuts" video release.
The rest of the year the band tour throughout the UK promoting "The Son of Odin" album.



The band play their debut gig supporting Tokyo Blade on January 4.
This is the first of many shows throughout 1985.  The band find time to record a new demo tape at Easter.  The three songs are:  "Treachery (Ride like the Wind)", "Winds of Time" and "Playing with Fire".
In response to an overwhelming demand from fans at home and abroad, Elixir release their debut single "Treachery (Ride like the Wind)/ Winds of Time" in July.  This single is reviewed by Ronnie James Dio in Kerrang! No 99 and is given the thumbs up.
The band see out the rest of the year riding high on the crest of a wave playing shows to bigger and bigger audiences.



After auditioning numerous singers, the band are delighted when Paul Taylor comes to audition and he is immediately offered the vocalist job.
The band returns to Bark Studios to record a new demo tape consisting of three songs:  "Deal with the Devil", "Born Loser" and "Dead Man’s Gold", before parting company with Steve.
After auditioning numerous guitarists, Norman Gordon joins in November.  The band are almost as impressed with the way he squeezes a Marshall stack into the back of a Mini as they are with his playing!!
This line-up rehearses throughout November and December preparing for their prestigious debut gig at The Royal Standard, Walthamstow



In November, Phil joins Kevin, Nigel and Steve Bentley.

They rehearse and write material together and go through a couple of name changes, including Purgatory and Hellfire, until one day Steve opens a dictionary, closes his eyes and puts his finger on Elixir.  This becomes the new name adopted by the band.

The band look for a vocalist and recruit female singer Sally Pike.  They record a four song demo tape at Bark Studios, Walthamstow, and play two gigs at The Green Man, Stratford, before they part company with Sally.

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