Album Artwork In New Masterpieces Book


The cover artwork for Elixir's latest album 'Voyage Of The Eagle' has been included in the "Best Metal Artworks Of 2020" book 'Masterpieces'.
This honour is a testament to artist Duncan Storr's fine work, and all of us at Elixir congratulate him.

Those who have the album on CD will know that, not only is Duncan's work featured on the cover, but also in the lyric booklet which contains an illustration for each song.
The vinyl album comes in a gatefold sleeve with Duncan's fine illustration of our ship in the story, 'The Eagle', voyaging onward through the storm.

You can order the CD or vinyl album online here or the CD from our online shop

The Masterpieces book is due for release on the 29th January 2021. You can get 15% off the full price by using the code ALL15METAL when you order here




Elixir Albums Re-Issued On Vinyl

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Elixir are proud to announce the re-issue of all of their back catalogue on vinyl, through the Back On Black label. Back On Black recently released Elixir's new album 'Voyage Of The Eagle' in a stunning gatefold sleeve, and now all previous albums are to get the same treatment. All five studio albums will come in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics, and 'The Son Of Odin' will come on a collactable red vinyl. 'Elixir Live' will be a double album in a gatefold sleeve featuring live shots of the band on the sleeve instead of lyrics. Elixir guitarist Phil Denton commented "Whilst all the albums look great, I am particularly pleased with 'Sovereign Remedy'. I have always had a bad relationship with our second album due to the sub-standard Sonic release under the title 'Lethal Potion, which had songs missing, the wrong running order, and instrumentation and vocals taken out of the mix. I am delighted to finally see this album out on vinyl, in a stunning sleeve, with all the songs and mixes as they originally were done. The running order, as a double album, now makes perfect sense, and thanks to Back On Black, I can finally feel proud of this album. I am also pleased to finally put this right for Clive Burr's memory, as he did a great job coming in on drums for this album". All albums are available to order from the Plastic Head Megastore here


Phil recieves new vinyl re-issues! (Click picture below for video)


Elixir Announce New Bass Player

Elixir Sept 2020

Elixir, L-R: Paul Taylor, Stormin' Norman Gordon, Nigel Dobbs, Mark Mulcaster, Phil Denton



Elixir welcome former Solsikk bass player Mark Mulcaster to the band.

Elixir guitarist, Phil Denton, explains: “Mark was on our wanted list in the summer of 2019, but unfortunately was away on holiday the weekend that we held auditions. From the batch of bass players that we did audition that weekend, we were very impressed with Luke Fabian’s energy and style, and he was subsequently chosen to record the new album with a view to joining permanently.

However, with the album recorded, we felt that Mark deserved a chance to show what he could do, and after a very good rehearsal session, we had to make a difficult choice.

Luke did a fantastic job recording the album, and his energy and style shone through on those recordings. However, when it came to playing the old material, we felt that Luke was imposing his own style on the songs just a little too much. Whilst this isn’t particularly a bad thing, we found that Mark had a sound closer to (original bass player and founding member) Kevin Dobb’s, and played the songs closer to their original versions.

On reflection, we felt that our fans would appreciate hearing the old stage favourites in as close a form to the original recordings that they know and love as possible. It was always our intention to continue Kev’s legacy in the best way that we possibly could, and feel that Mark is the man to help us do that.

Therefore, we took the decision to go with Mark for all future live shows and recordings.

We thank Luke for his great contribution on ‘Voyage Of The Eagle’ and wish him all the best for the future, and welcome Mark to Elixir.”


Voyage Of The Eagle LP Here!

The LP pressing of 'Voyage Of The Eagle' has arrived from the factory earlier than expected and will be available from Friday April 3rd.
This release comes in gatefold sleeve with lyrics.
Please click on the poster to order your copy.


Elixir Live Shows Cancelled

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, limitations on gatherings and restriction of travel, Elixir regret that the following shows have been cancelled:

23rd April - Ragnarok Live Club, Bree, Belgium,

25th April - Keep It True Festival, Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany

26th April - Negasonic, Aalst, Belgium

This is, of course, disappointing for the band, but we hope that you understand that this situation is out of our control. We hope to re-schedule these shows in the future.

Elixir hope that restrictions are lifted in time for our upcoming shows at the Into Battle Festival, Athens, in December and Bro Fest, Newcastle, UK next February.

Please stay safe and well, and we hope to see you out there again soon. As always, thanks for your support.

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